Saturday, August 30, 2014

David Mickey Evans' Blog: FINALLY, MY BOOK...

David Mickey Evans' Blog: FINALLY, MY BOOK...: THE KING OF PACOIMA Dear Reader, A quick update about my long awaited book.  After many delays, I've finally finished all the f...



Dear Reader,

A quick update about my long awaited book.  After many delays, I've finally finished all the final edits and layout revisions.  The book will be available as an e-book and paperback within two weeks.  Stay tuned for a post as soon as it is "live."  Until then, here's the final mock-up of the book cover and publishing logo.

Thanks for reading and check back soon.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014


My new book... 

Dear Reader,

As I close in on 150,000 page views on this blog, I am just about finished with the last editorial pass through my book, The King of Pacoima.  This is a big deal for a couple reasons, none the least of which is a decision I need to make for this First Edition.  And this is where you come in...

As I look back through the most popular posts I've written in the past few years, by far the most popular is "What Happened to Bobby at the end of Radio Flyer?"  That post alone accounts for maybe 60 percent of my blog page views; clearly there is huge interest in knowing the answer to that question. 

Although the book answers that question (and in case you didn't know, this is the book upon which I based the script for the film Radio Flyer) beyond the shadow of a doubt, years ago I did a particularly in depth interview about the film with journalist Stephen Greenfield.  It covers a lot of territory that is specific to the film, and a little about the story itself - from the book I mean, not the story as it ended up in the film.

The decision I need to make is do I include the interview at the end of the book, or not?  I've no doubt that it will be of interest to many readers, but I'd like the book to stand on its own - which it certainly does - exclusive of any comparison to the film.

Here's a link to the article I posted on this blog:

So, drop me a line and let me know what you think.  You can get me at:

Comment at the end of this blog post, or
Twitter: @DMESandlot

Thanks in advance and here's a taste of some of the artwork from the book:

The paintings are by my artist friend Arlan Jewell.

Thanks for reading and check back soon.  And sign up to follow!



Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The World's Best Tea, from the World's Best Tea Company...

Dear Reader,

First of all, apologies that I have not posted a new blog in such a long time.  I've been writing pretty much non-stop on a current project, one of the most difficult I have ever taken on.

But I needed to post and let you all know about something.   My good friend DAVID KASSAR has started a brilliant,  top quality new tea Company.

It's called QUANTITEAS...  Here's the links to the home page and the product page:

This tea is, quite simply, the best tea you can possibly buy.

This is David and his new wife and beautiful baby daughter...

"Bella Familia Kassar" (I have no idea if that's the correct way to say
"The Beautiful Family Kasar," but that's what I meant).

QuantiTeas' almost 30 different types of teas may at first seem more expensive than, say store-bought Lipton or Twinings, but then if you're a real tea drinker, what in the hell are you doing drinking Liptons and Twinings?

It's actually the other way around.  Each 8 ounce bag of QuantiTea tea makes up to 100 cups, which is why you get 100 free tidy individual tea bags with every bag.  And the packaging is resealable & recyclable.  Very tidy indeed.  Take a look:

I personally guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Link in, buy his tea, sip, feel better and thank God.


P.S. new blog about the  20th Anniversary Sandlot Tour in 2013 coming soon!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

David Mickey Evans' Blog: PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY

David Mickey Evans' Blog: PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY: Dear Reader, I'll have a new (in the continuing series of...) 20th Anniversary Sandlot Tour post up soon. In the meantime, here&#3...


Dear Reader,

I'll have a new (in the continuing series of...) 20th Anniversary Sandlot Tour post up soon.

In the meantime, here's a few versions of a SIZZLE REEL we did for our TV Show:


PCH Sizzle Version One

PCH Sizzle Version Two

PCH Sizzle Version Three

The password (if you need it) is: pchsizzle

These are the sizzles myself and partner Howard Burkons put together for our TV Show - PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY, aka PCH.

The show chronicles the Donnelly Family Dynasty (The Establishment) and their war against the (Counter Culture) during the seminal decade in American society 1958 to 1969...

PCH is not a nostalgic look at the past; it is the past as present tense – immediate and very, very real.  It is a brutally honest look at ten years (1959 – 1969) that shaped youth culture first in America and, eventually, worldwide.  It depicts a time of innocence lost; the drama is real, the passions high, and the physical jeopardy raw and cinematic.

It flies by with the reckless speed of outlaw street drag racing, and moves with the balletic grace of the most powerful forces on the planet; always excitingly unpredictable. 

Our main characters, collectively known as The Nomads, the children of The Greatest Generation, are not a cozy band of misunderstood misfits.  They’re frontiersmen and women; sexy and sexed-up “kids” who love like crazy, fight like hell, are willing to take on anything the world has to offer, rebel for rebellion’s sake, push envelopes of their own making, create Art and propagate a Lifestyle that will define a generation, spawn a sub-culture that will go on to become the dominant youth culture of the next 50 years, and of course, they surf the most life threatening waves on Earth.
They are us, unleashed, living life to the fullest and way out of bounds – in a blue-sky world with breathtaking sunrises and sunsets framing the days of their priceless youth.  

And we can’t take our eyes off of them.

Let us know what you think.  And feel free to LIKE and SHARE with the entire world!  Really!

Best as always,